Growing Kona Coffee From Beans

Now  you can grow your own Kona coffee plant, just like the farms on the Big Island! Under the right circumstances, you may well be able to process and brew your own coffee from these trees. However, also keep in mind that normally these trees would grow over 10 feet tall and be in perfect climate in Hawaiian volcanic soil. Your results may be less than optimal. We still believe that you will enjoy growing the trees and have coffee cherry on the branches!

The coffee variety most generally grown in Hawaii is 'Guatemalan', also known as "Kona typica". The tree will have glossy dark green leaves.

Unless you live in the Deep South, you will need to grow this indoors as a house plant. Related to the gardenia, the plant will flower with clusters of white, fragrant flowers and bright red cherries.

Seeds can be started in a seed flat. Use sterilized topsoil or a 1:1:1 (volume) mixture of vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss. Spread the seeds evenly and cover them with 1/2 inch of soil or a 1:1 vermiculite-perlite mixture. Keep the flat moist (but not saturated) with regular misting and place it in direct sunlight or medium light. Coffee seeds take 50 or more days to germinate. As the seedlings emerge, 70-90 days after planting, gently pull out the entire plant by its matchstick-like stem before the cotyledons open. Transplant the seedling to a plastic bag or pot (3 inches diameter by 8 inches tall) using care not to bend the taproot.

Because seeds are a live product, your results will be governed by your gardening abilities, which are out of our control. However, we ship you multiple seeds and believe that you will be sucessful.

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